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About Us

Guiseppes Pizzeria

A Culinary Gem in Export and Blawnox, PA

Welcome to Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, the culinary destination that’s become a household name in Export and Blawnox, PA. Proudly located at 5800 Kennedy Avenue, Export, PA 15632, and now serving from our second location in Blawnox, we’re more than just a pizzeria; we’re a celebration of Italian tradition infused with local flavor.

Where it begins

In the quaint town of Export, Pennsylvania, a culinary adventure unfolded when Chef Shaq embarked on a journey that would redefine the local pizza scene. Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, born in 2016, was about to undergo a remarkable transformation under his seasoned hands.

In the summer of 2021, Chef Shaq seized the opportunity to acquire a local pizza gem, Giuseppe’s Pizzeria. Determined to preserve its history and infuse it with his own culinary flair, Chef Shaq chose to retain the name, honoring the legacy of Giuseppe while envisioning a new chapter for this pizza haven. A renowned figure with a decade of experience in the pizza industry, Chef Shaq was no stranger to the art of crafting the perfect pie. Prior to acquiring Giuseppe’s, he had already earned a stellar reputation as Chef Shaq, the maestro behind some of the most delectable pizzas in the region. With the keys to Giuseppe’s in hand, Chef Shaq set out to introduce a touch of authenticity that would transport the locals to the heart of Italy.


The pizzeria underwent a metamorphosis into an authentic Italian pizza store, a place where the spirit of Italian culinary traditions met the warmth of a small-town pizzeria. Chef Shaq’s dedication and hard work became the driving force behind Giuseppe’s evolution. Every detail, from the selection of premium ingredients to the crafting of the perfect pizza dough, reflected his commitment to excellence. The aroma of rich tomato sauce, fresh basil, and bubbling cheese filled the air, inviting the community to experience a true taste of Italy. As Chef Shaq poured his passion into Giuseppe’s, the community embraced the transformation. The locals, who had known him as the skilled pizza artisan even before Giuseppe’s, now witnessed the fusion of tradition and innovation under the umbrella of Giuseppe’s Pizzeria.


A visit to Giuseppe’s became more than a meal; it was a culinary journey guided by Chef Shaq’s expertise. The ambiance, the flavors, and the hospitality intertwined to create an experience that transcended the ordinary. In the years that followed, Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, now under Chef Shaq’s leadership, became a beloved fixture in Export, Pennsylvania. The store that had once started in 2016 had evolved into a testament to Chef Shaq’s passion, dedication, and the timeless allure of authentic Italian pizza. And so, the story of Giuseppe’s Pizzeria continued to unfold, a tale of transformation, tradition, and the indomitable spirit of Chef Shaq, who had turned a local pizza joint into a culinary destination.

Exceptional Italian Cuisine at Your Convenience

At Giuseppe’s, we understand the modern lifestyle’s demands, which is why we offer both take-out and fast delivery. With contact numbers for Export (724-325-5500) and Blawnox (724-325-5501), along with easy online ordering, getting your Italian fix has never been simpler. Whether you’re craving our handcrafted pizzas, indulgent desserts, or our diverse range of Italian dishes, we promise an experience that’s both convenient and satisfying.

Join Our Community

Visit Giuseppe’s Pizzeria today at our Export or Blawnox location, or order online for a taste of Italy right in your neighborhood. We’re not just serving food; we’re serving memories. Join us and become a part of the Giuseppe’s family, where quality meets tradition in every bite.

Contact and Connect

For the best pizza and Italian cuisine near you, reach out to us at our hotline: 724-325-5500, or email us at info.giueseppes@gmail.com. And don’t forget to explore our special menus and customer feedback on our website. At Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, we’re always ready to serve you with a smile and a slice of Italy.


I have never had a bad experience here. EVER.

The food is amazing! The employees are equally as amazing, kind, generous, and they're very personal able. They remembered my name and what my usual is by the second time of calling in an order.

Queen Cunt

Take Out | Dinner

The food was amazing i got a calzone and it was delicious 10/10 definitely recommend !

Kid-friendliness: Have good kids options like chiken tenders or pizza

Gab & Trin Forever Obetsky

Take Out | Dinner

Pizza is always delicious and delivery is prompt every time.

Our go to pizza place for sure! The crust specifically is the perfect combination of crispy outside chewy inside. So good!!!

Tessa Sarver


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