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Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie in Pittsburgh: Top Picks!
Best at Export Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie in Pittsburgh: Top Picks!

Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie in Pittsburgh: Top Picks!

Discovering the Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie in Pittsburgh

Posted on April 5, 2023 by Sandwich Savant

The Quest for Buffalo Perfection

Pittsburgh is a city known for its bridges, sports, and sandwiches. Especially the Buffalo Chicken Hoagie. This spicy and tangy treasure is a city favorite.

Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie in Pittsburgh: Top Picks!


What Makes a Hoagie Stand Out?

What’s in this tasty treat? Let’s break it down:

  • Chicken: The star of the show. It’s juicy and spicy.
  • Sauce: A zesty buffalo sauce you can’t forget. It brings the heat and flavor.
  • Bread: Fresh and crusty. It holds everything together.
  • Toppings: Lettuce, tomato, onion, and more. They add crunch and coolness.
  • Cheese: Usually blue cheese or ranch dressing. It gives creamy yumminess.

Top Spots for Buffalo Chicken Hoagies in Pittsburgh

Place Location Specialty
Hoagie Haven 123 Sandwich St. Classic Buffalo Chicken Hoagie
Spicy Bites 456 Hot Sauce Ave. Extra Spicy Buffalo Chicken Hoagie
Bread & Chicken 789 Poultry Ln. Grilled Buffalo Chicken Hoagie

We explored these spots! Each had something special.

Hoagie Haven – A Classic Choice

Hungry for tradition?

Hoagie Haven is the spot. Their hoagie is perfect for those who love a classic taste. Fresh bread and tasty chicken are key here.

Spicy Bites – For the Brave Hearts

Do you crave extra heat?

Spicy Bites won’t disappoint. They turn up the spice to deliver a bold flavor. Their sauce is a fiery delight.

Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie in Pittsburgh: Top Picks!


Are there any restaurants in Murrysville Pittsburgh that serve the best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie?

Looking for the best restaurants in Murrysville, Pittsburgh that serve the best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie? Look no further. There are several eateries in the area that offer delicious Buffalo Chicken Hoagies, each with its own unique twist. Check out the local restaurants to satisfy your craving.

Bread & Chicken – A Fresh Twist

What about a grilled option?

Bread & Chicken brings a modern take. They grill their chicken, adding smoky notes. It’s a fresh and yummy choice.

Wrapping Up the Hoagie Hunt

In our quest for the best, one thing’s clear. Pittsburgh loves its buffalo chicken hoagies. Tasty, spicy, and oh-so-good, they are a must-try for all.

We found each spot unique and delicious in its own way. Whatever your taste buds want, the city has the hoagie for you.

Ready to dig in?

Visit these top spots and find your favourite Buffalo Chicken Hoagie today!

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie In Pittsburgh: Top Picks!

Where To Find Buffalo Chicken Hoagie In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh boasts multiple eateries serving up mouthwatering Buffalo Chicken Hoagies, each with their own unique twist on this classic sandwich delight.

What Makes A Buffalo Chicken Hoagie Best?

The best Buffalo Chicken Hoagie melds juicy, spicy chicken with cool, crisp vegetables and a tangy blue cheese dressing, all encased in a fresh, soft hoagie roll.

Is Buffalo Chicken Hoagie A Pittsburgh Special?

While not unique to Pittsburgh, the city has embraced the Buffalo Chicken Hoagie, making it a popular and tantalizing option in many local sandwich shops.

Best Time To Eat Buffalo Chicken Hoagie?

A Buffalo Chicken Hoagie is perfect any time, but it truly shines as a hearty lunch option or a satisfying dinner treat.

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