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Best Pizza in Pennsylvania: Savor the Top Slices!
Best at Blawnox Best Pizza in Pennsylvania: Savor the Top Slices!
Best Pizza in Pennsylvania: Savor the Top Slices!

Best Pizza in Pennsylvania: Savor the Top Slices!

Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia garners acclaim as the best pizza spot in Pennsylvania. This eatery’s handcrafted pies have earned a cult following.


As food enthusiasts quest for the ultimate pizza experience, Pizzeria Beddia stands as a beacon in the Keystone State’s culinary landscape. Nestled in the heart of Fishtown, this famed establishment once held the title of “America’s Best Pizza” by Bon Appétit magazine.


Pizza aficionado or not, the journey to Pizzeria Beddia will reward you with a symphony of flavors – from their handmade dough to the locally sourced toppings. With its artisanal approach and commitment to quality, this pizza haven continues to draw crowds, creating more than just a meal – it promises an experience. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, the search for the top slice in Pennsylvania undoubtedly leads to the storied ovens of Pizzeria Beddia.

Best Pizza in Pennsylvania: Savor the Top Slices!


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Pizza Culture In Pennsylvania

The love for pizza in Pennsylvania stretches far and wide, transcending age and embracing communities. A slice here tells a story, one with rich flavors, diverse tastes, and local pride. Pennsylvania offers a pizza journey that reflects its historical roots and regional flair.

Historical Influence

Italian immigrants brought the gift of pizza to Pennsylvania. Over decades, this simple yet delicious dish has woven itself into the fabric of the state’s food culture. From coal-fired crusts to tangy tomato pies, historical influences shape how Pennsylvanians enjoy their pizza.

Regional Variations

Pennsylvania is a tapestry of regional pizza styles. Each area boasts its signature take on the classic dish:

  • Philadelphia: Home to the tomato pie, a sauce-heavy delight with cheese sprinkled atop.
  • Pittsburgh: Famous for thick, square ‘Sicilian’ slices that offer a heftier bite.
  • Old Forge: Known as the Pizza Capital of the World, it teems with trays of unique, rectangular pizza.
  • Northeastern PA: A hotspot for Pan-fried Sicilian known locally as ‘Tray Pizza’.

Each tradition represents a piece of Pennsylvania’s pizza-loving heart.

Factors That Define The Best Pizza

Finding the best pizza in Pennsylvania is like a treasure hunt for your taste buds. Let’s explore the factors that lift some pizzas above the rest. It’s all about the perfect combination of ingredients, crust, and toppings made consistently every time.

Quality Of Ingredients

The foundation of an unforgettable pizza lies in its ingredients. Top-tier pizzas boast fresh cheese, ripe tomatoes, and high-quality meats. In Pennsylvania, artisanal pizza makers source locally, ensuring that every slice supports local farms. Always check for bright, fresh toppings, a sign of quality.

Crust Texture And Flavor

The crust can make or break a pizza experience. A stellar crust has a crisp exterior and a soft, airy interior. Flavorful dough, often handcrafted with a secret blend of herbs and aged to perfection, sets apart the best pizzas in Pennsylvania.

Unique Toppings

What’s on top matters just as much. Unique toppings transform a regular pizza into a culinary adventure. Look for creative combinations that blend traditional Italian flavors with local Pennsylvania twists. Chefs use anything from spicy sausage to sweet honey, giving each pizza its own personality.

Consistency And Customer Satisfaction

Finally, the sign of a top pizza spot is its consistency. Great pizza places have rave reviews and return customers. They deliver the same delicious experience with every order. If you spot a line or a full reservation book, that’s a hint you’re in the right place.

Iconic Pizza Places In Pennsylvania

From classic cheese to gourmet toppings, Pennsylvania serves up slices that leave taste buds dancing. Its towns and cities boast iconic pizzerias with secret recipes and perfect crusts. Let’s toss the dough and discover some spots where pizza isn’t just food—it’s a landmark.

Export: Guiseppes Pizzeria

Guiseppes Pizzeria in Export is a slice of heaven. This family-owned gem keeps tradition in every bite. The pizzeria offers:

  • Mouth-watering classic slices
  • Gourmet specialty pizzas
  • Homemade sauce and dough

Local patrons praise the pizzeria for its consistent quality. It’s a go-to spot for an authentic pizza experience.

Pittsburgh: Aiello’s Pizza

Take a trip to Pittsburgh and visit Aiello’s Pizza. Known for:

  1. A crispy, yet chewy crust
  2. A diverse menu of toppings
  3. A cozy, family-friendly atmosphere

With decades of history, Aiello’s is a treasure among locals. It serves up slices that are simply unforgettable.

Harrisburg: Cork & Fork Pizza

In Harrisburg, Cork & Fork Pizza is a culinary star. Their pizza stands out with:

  • Artisanal ingredients
  • Wood-fired perfection
  • Unique, bold flavors

Their modern twist on the classic pie makes Cork & Fork a must-visit for pizza aficionados and casual diners alike.

Hidden Gems And Local Favorites

Pennsylvania boasts a wealth of lesser-known pizzerias that locals adore. From quaint family-run businesses to classic old-school joints, these pizzerias offer some of the best slices you may never have heard of but definitely need to try. So, let’s explore the hidden pizza sanctuaries where robust flavors and heartwarming traditions blend to serve up a slice of local heaven.

Lancaster: Luca’s Pizza

Lancaster: Luca’s Pizza

Luca’s Pizza in Lancaster is more than just a pizzeria. It’s a vibrant sanctuary for those craving authentic Italian taste. Each pie serves up a perfect balance of cheesy goodness and rich tomato base, all atop a crust that’s equal parts crispy and chewy. Here are some highlights:

  • Signature Dish: The Margherita Pizza boasts fresh local ingredients.
  • Ambience: Intimate and welcoming, perfect for family diners.
Blawnox: Guiseppes Pizzeria

Blawnox: Guiseppes Pizzeria

At Guiseppes Pizzeria in Blawnox, every pizza is a masterpiece. Hand-tossed dough and a secret sauce recipe provide a taste that locals swear by. Here’s a snapshot of what makes Guiseppes special:

Customer Favorite Atmosphere
White Pizza: A garlicky, cheese-filled delight. Friendly and lively, with an authentic Italian vibe.
Scranton: Maroni’s Pizza

Scranton: Maroni’s Pizza

In Scranton, Maroni’s Pizza rules the roost. Their pies have a loyal following thanks to a secret family dough recipe passed down through generations. Notable points include:

  1. Award-winning pizza baked to golden perfection.
  2. A homey setting that makes every guest feel like part of the family.

Pizza As A Culinary Destination

Pennsylvania isn’t just where the Declaration of Independence was signed; it’s where crust meets cheese in a symphony of flavors. With its rich tapestry of artisanal pizzaiolos and classic family-run pizza joints, the Keystone State serves up slices that are destinations in themselves. This is a place where foodies and pizza connoisseurs embark on a delicious quest for the ultimate slice.

Pizza Festivals And Events

Imagine streets lined with pizza stands, each wafting with the scent of bubbling cheese and tangy tomato sauce. Pizza festivals across Pennsylvania celebrate the craft of pizza-making and honor the love for this universally adored dish. Attend any of the following events and indulge in pizza paradise:

  • The Philly Pizza Festival – A gathering of the city’s best pizzerias
  • Pittsburgh PizzaFest – Where the city’s top dough-tossers show off their skills
  • Harrisburg Pizza Party – A community event highlighting local flavors

Pizza Tourism And Food Trails

For a true taste of Pennsylvania’s pizza prowess, embark on a pizza tour of the state. Follow the trail of melting mozzarella to discover hidden gems and iconic pie shops. Here’s a savory sample itinerary:

City Must-Visit Pizzeria
Philadelphia Pizzeria Beddia
Pittsburgh Iron Born Pizza
Erie Sticks & Bricks Wood-Fired Pizza

Pack your appetite and set out on a journey that highlights the art of the perfect pie, one slice at a time. The road to pizza bliss winds through Pennsylvania.

Best Pizza in Pennsylvania: Savor the Top Slices!




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Yes, you can absolutely use the food discount app Pittsburgh to save on the best pizza in Pennsylvania. Many popular pizzerias in Pittsburgh are part of the app’s network, allowing you to enjoy delicious pizza at a discounted price. Download the app and start saving on your favorite pizza today!

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Pizza In Pennsylvania


What Pa Town Is Known For Pizza?


Old Forge, Pennsylvania, is widely recognized as the “Pizza Capital of the World,” famous for its distinctive style of pizza.


Does Pennsylvania Have Good Pizza?


Pennsylvania offers a variety of delicious pizza options, with many local eateries and pizzerias renowned for their flavorful pies. Cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are hotspots for pizza lovers seeking quality slices.


What Pa Pizza Was Named Best In The Us?


Old Forge pizza from Pennsylvania earned the title of “Best Pizza in the US” by a national online survey. This style features thick, rectangular pies known for their unique blend of cheeses.


Who Is The 1 Best Pizza In Usa?


The best pizza in the USA is subject to personal taste, but many rankings often place Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, New York, at the top.




Exploring Pennsylvania’s pizza landscape reveals a feast of flavors for every palate. From traditional Italian crusts to innovative gourmet toppings, the state serves up slices that compete on a global level. Remember, the best pizza is the one that satisfies your own taste buds.


So, venture out and taste-test these stellar pizzerias – your perfect pie awaits in the Keystone State!

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