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Lent SpecialsLenten Special: Pierogie Pizza – A Pittsburgh Tradition Reinvented at Giuseppe’s Pizzeria 🍕🥟

Lenten Special: Pierogie Pizza – A Pittsburgh Tradition Reinvented at Giuseppe’s Pizzeria 🍕🥟

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  • Core Ingredients: Hand-tossed pizza dough, with white garlic sauce, mashed potatoes topped with onions, provolone, mozzarella with cheddar cheese!
  • Type: Seasonal Lenten Offering.
  • Nutrition Highlights: Vegetarian-friendly, comforting, and hearty.
  • Variations: Classic, Bacon Sprinkle (post-Lent), Chive and Sour Cream Drizzle.
  • Ideal for: Those observing Lent in the Pittsburgh area and anyone craving a taste of local culinary innovation.
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🍕 Celebrate Lent with a Local Twist: Giuseppe’s Pierogie Pizza! 🥟

Giuseppe’s Pizzeria in Export, PA, is proud to introduce our Pierogie Pizza, specially crafted for the Lent season. Blending the heartwarming flavors of traditional Polish pierogies with the beloved Italian pizza, this dish is a culinary homage to the diverse heritage of Pittsburgh.

Why Our Pierogie Pizza Is a Lent Must-Have:

  • Locally Inspired: Drawing on Pittsburgh’s rich Polish and Italian communities, our pizza is a celebration of local flavors and traditions.
  • Lent-Friendly: Perfect for those observing Lent, our Pierogie Pizza is made without meat, offering a delicious, vegetarian option.
  • Homemade Touch: Each pizza starts with our hand-stretched dough, topped with creamy mashed potatoes, a rich blend of cheeses, and golden sautéed onions, all finished with a garlic butter sauce for an extra flavor kick.
  • Community Favorite: Become part of a new Lent tradition at Giuseppe’s, where family and friends gather to enjoy our unique twist on Pittsburgh’s culinary staples.

Serving the Heart of Export and Beyond:

  • Crafted with Care: Our Pierogie Pizza is a testament to Giuseppe’s commitment to quality, tradition, and community.
  • Seasonal Delight: Available exclusively during the Lent season, making it a sought-after specialty that brings our community together each year.
  • Pairing Perfection: Enjoy with a salad or one of our non-alcoholic beverages for a complete meal that honors Lenten observances.

Join Us This Lent at Giuseppe’s Pizzeria:

Experience the unique flavors of Pittsburgh with our Pierogie Pizza, a special Lenten offering that embodies the spirit of our city’s diverse culinary landscape. Visit us in Export, PA, or check out for more information on our seasonal specials and how we’re celebrating Lent with our community.

Dish Details:

  • Served At: Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, Export, PA
  • Flavor Profile: Creamy, Savory, with a Hint of Sweetness from the Onions
  • Special Notes: Vegetarian, with options to add bacon post-Lent

This Lent, make Giuseppe’s Pizzeria your go-to for experiencing the warmth and unity of Pittsburgh’s community through our Pierogie Pizza. A dish that not only satisfies your Lenten dietary considerations but also brings a piece of local heritage right to your table. 🍕❤️🥟

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